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Would you like to meet the folks who work here?

Key Points

29 Years in business

WES-TECH has been in operation for 29 years with the last 24 years in the same location.

Locally Owned

WES-TECH is a locally owned company where the owners are truly interested in the community. You will find the owners Bruce and Beverly on site most days,.

Dedicated to excellence

Our employees and customers have great knowledge. We work continuously to provide ongoing training and increase product knowledge.


"WES-TECH is the best place to go for irrigation products and advice."

- Dan from Saanich

"The staff at WES-TECH are great and they really know their stuff."

- Marjorie from Oak Bay

"I have been getting my supplies here for years and wouldn't consider going anywhere esle."

- Bob from James Bay

A bit about our team...

We work to have a variety of skills and backgrounds to ensure we benefit from diversity. We pride ourselves on our customer service and this team excels in that area.

Meet the team...


  • Mona Pollex

    Jason Lofts

    Jason has extensive experience in the industry and is our main source of knowledge for water features, pumps and agricultural applications. He holds CIT and CLIA qualifications.


  • Pam Streeton

    Brett Thompson

    Brett has great overall knowledge and is the product lead for landscape lighting. He has experience as an irrigation technician and in irrigation sales. He as a CIT 2 designation and is working on professional designation in irrigation design.




  • Bruce Carter

    Stewart McLellan

    Stewart is responsible for the day to day operation of the customer service desk and warehousing. Stewart has extensive experience in the industry having worked in the field as a technician before joining WES-TECH. He has both CIT and CCC designations.



  • Albert Slater


    Mona Pollex

    Mona is responsible for the financial operations at WES-TECH. She is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and Payroll Compliance Practitioner.


  • Virlisa K


    Virlisa K

    Virlisa joined Wes – Tech in December 2016 as the marketing Co-Ordinator. New to the industry, she is working on constantly increasing her product knowledge and skills to ensure accurate communication of all Wes-Tech continues to offer.  


  • Bruce Carter

    Bruce Carter

    Bruce Carter is CIT Certified and is the company President and CEO.



  • Beverly Carter

    Beverly Carter

    Beverly has a thriving practice as a Notary Public and works on providing strategic direction within the business. In addition to her Masters in legal studies and teaching degree she gained extensive experience in construction as a contractor in Ontario.  Beverly combined experience provides a fresh perspective on the irrigation industry and she is quick to identify industry trends.


  • Pam Streeton

    Pam Streeton

    Pam processes our receivables. She worked with her Husband Rick at R.A.S. Agencies until he retired and brings her experience in business administration to WES-TECH.  



  • Brendan Somers

    Brendan Somers

    Brendan is a Camosun Business Coop student who will be with us from May - August. He will start out working in the warehouse learning the products and progress to customer service and business support functions from there.



  • Sumo


    Sumo has quickly climbed the ladder to success here at Wes-Tech. Currently overseeing all departments, his responsibilities include superstar customer service, meeting with suppliers and designated ball catching.