Design & Consultation Services

Design services

WES-TECH Offers Design Services in the areas of Irrigation and Landscape Lighting. Our staff have received specialized training in these areas and have years of design experience.

Irrigation Design

Our designers can design your Residential and Commercial irrigation projects. We are familiar with the municipal requirements and irrigation bylaws of the local municipalities and will accommodate those requirements in your design. We can access specialized resources available from contractors and the irrigation suppliers to meet your project’s specific needs.

How to get a design

Have CAD File (.dwg)
In larger projects where there is a landscape plan the provision of that plan in electronic format will be the most efficient method of creating your design. The file will need to have accompanying landscape specifications.

Have a Site Plan
The site plan can be digitized or the design done by hand. In most single family residential projects a hand drawn design will be the most efficient process. If an electronic file is required the site plan will have to be digitized and then a landscape drawing imposed on the site plan followed by an irrigation plan.

Fees: $75 per hour

Consultation Services

In addition to the design services we offer additional consultation option to support our commercial contractors. These services are comprehensive and cannot be delivered at the sales counter.

Cost Estimating

Once a design is completed we can estimate the costs of parts for the project can be estimated. This is a rough estimate with the lengths of pipe and major components identified and an allowance for fitting etc. This is often used in the bidding or quoting process

Parts List

This is a detailed list of the parts required including numbers and types of fittings


Quotes will be subject to the following conditions:

  • This quote is for the materials listed
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the list of materials is appropriate for the project
  • Large orders may require a minimum of one working day notice to prepare
  • Prices good for 30 days from date of quote.
  • Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks to obtain non-stocking items.
  • No returns on special order, non-stocking or cut items.
  • A 25% deposit is required for non-account orders.

Fees: $75 per hour

Landscape Lighting Design

We can create a landscape lighting design showing light locations, wire runs, transformers etc. We will also be able to calculate electrical loads and specify the size of transformers, wire and number of zones to meet your project’s needs.

Fees: $75 per hour