WES-TECH’S COVID-19 Safety Plan



This safety plan is designed to mitigate the risks to our staff and customer related to the transmission of the COVID 19 Virus. This plan is in addition to the Health and Safety procedures described in the health and safety manual.

Our top priority remains the safety of our staff, and customers. Steps we are taking include:

  • Reducing our hours of operation
    • 7:00am – 3:00pm Monday – Friday,
  • Offering FREE DELIVERIES for orders over $40 anywhere in Victoria,
  • Order pickup:
    • Place orders by: Phone/email/online
    • Staff will call for payment
    • Order ready for pickup outside on table
    • Phone 250.361-1573
    • Via email orders@irrigation.ca
    • Shop online
  • Limit customers in the store to 5
  • Frequent Cleaning
    • Counters and screens daily
    • After every time customer puts their product on counter
  • Screens at Point of sale Terminals
    • Encourage customers to move behind screens
    • Give directions before moving from counter
    • Provide direction to parts from behind counter as first step
  • Cones in Parking lot indicate lineup
  • Maintaining Social Distance
  • Avoid handling customer Products
    • if touch customer product wash hands or use sanitizer
  • Returns and Warranties placed in plastic bag by customer
    • bags placed in return bin
    • Returns quarantine for 72 hrs
    • wash hands after every return
  • Return/Warranty Procedures to quarantine product
  • Maximum 4 staff behind counter
  • Call center moved upstairs to facilitate physical distancing
  • Removed furniture in back office to increase worker space
  • Pickup table process created to limit customer interaction
  • Delivery service instituted to reduce contact
  • Tables re-arranged in break area
  • Masks will be used when we cannot provide physical distancing
    • carrying product with other staff
    • two staff members in same vehicle
    • congestion in store
    • customer requiring assistance and physical distancing not possible.


This graphic is provided by Worksafe BC and is a good guideline on how to the layers of protection work.