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Keeping Your Plants Happy While You're Away: A Guide to Efficient Irrigation

Keeping Your Plants Happy While You're Away: A Guide to Efficient Irrigation

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Going on holiday is always an exciting prospect, but for plant enthusiasts, it comes with the nagging worry of keeping their green friends hydrated. Whether you have a small indoor garden or a lush backyard, ensuring your plants get the right amount of water while you're away is crucial. 

If you travel regularly getting a traditional irrigation system installed is well worth the investment. Plants are expensive and it can take many season to develop a healthy garden. A vacation during a drought period where the plants are watered can do a lot of damage. Not to mention a well installed irrigation system will help you conform with local watering restrictions and use far less water than hand watering. A hose bib timer system is a more cost effective substitute but over time will be more expensive. 

If you have some new plantings and just need to water then in a hose bib system is easy to install and will provide the water you need to establish plants. Native plants may not need water during the season but they do require water to get established.

If you have trees that are normally watered with sprinklers but watering restrictions are keeping you from watering the lawn the use of tree bags is a good solution that meets almost all watering restrictions. If you stop watering grass in the summer it will come back in the fall. If you stop watering trees they will surely be stressed and you risk the chance they may die. Consider tree bags in this circumstance.

With the right irrigation systems, your garden can thrive even in your absence. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the best solution. 

Types of Irrigation Systems

1. Traditional Irrigation Systems

Available at both our branches and online, these automated irrigation systems are perfect for comprehensive garden care.


2. Hose Bib Systems

Ideal for smaller gardens and specific plant needs, these systems are easy to set up and maintain.


Other Essentials

Tree Bags: Perfect for new trees, these bags provide a slow, steady water supply but need refilling.

Additional Tips for Plant Care

  • Soil Preparation: Mix your soil with water-retaining amendments and cover it with mulch to reduce evaporation and improve water retention.
  • Create Shade: Use stakes and landscape fabric to shield your plants from excessive sun, reducing water loss and keeping them cooler.
  • Be mindful of BC water restrictions and consider investing in Smart Irrigation systems. These systems adjust watering schedules based on weather conditions, ensuring your plants get the right amount of water without waste.

With these tips and systems, you can ensure your garden remains lush and vibrant, even when you're not around. Happy gardening!