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Wes-Tech experts educate about lawn & garden watering, fundamental parts, pop up sprinklers, spray patterns, arcs/radius for nozzle settings, drip irrigation, micro drip, PSI, basics of a system, zones, manifolds, piping, different types of pipes, why size matters, connecting the pieces, controllers, & useful tools.

  • Learn all things irrigation, lighting, ponds & waterfalls
  • Save money with new confidence of skills and knowledge of garden
  • Get your lawn and garden prepared for Spring
  • Send your new staff to us for training

Our Courses

Irrigation 101

The Irrigation 101 course is designed to cover the basics of irrigation including:

  • Types of irrigation
  • Major components of a system
  • How irrigation systems are designed
  • Some of the materials involved

This course is taught by an certified irrigation technician and is approximately 1.5 hrs. in length

Irrigation Design Workshop

This workshop is focused on creating a sample design for an irrigation system. The course will cover the fundamentals of irrigation design Including:

  • Site assessment
  • Point of connections considerations
  • Type of irrigation
  • Creating zones
  • Equipment Selection

The course is taught by an experience irrigation designer. This will run approximately 2 hrs. in length.

Artificial Turf Workshop

Artificial turf can be a great addition to one's landscaping, in high traffic areas, or areas without sufficient sunlight. This course will cover the preparation and install process for artificial turf.

Ponds & Waterfalls

Ponds and Waterfalls will cover the types of different water features and their construction. This course will include:

  • Location considerations
  • Feature design
  • Calculating volume
  • Sizing pumps and piping
  • Ongoing maintenance

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great addition to any property and allows one to enjoy their environment in the evening. This course will cover:

  • Types of fixtures
  • Lighting affects
  • Load calculations
  • Wiring techniques

Landscape Lighting for Contractors

Contractors' landscape lighting is a great addition to any property and allows one to enjoy the environment in the evening, as well as an element of safety. This course will cover:

  • Types of fixtures
  • Lighting affects
  • Sales techniques
  • Review installation procedures

Micro Drip Irrigation

Micro Drip is an important component of any irrigation system. It is the most efficient way to water and key to keeping shrubs healthy during dry periods. The course will cover:

  • Types of irrigation
  • How to plan you micro irrigation
  • Zoning micro irrigation
  • Installation techniques