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Outdoor Lighting for all seasons

Outdoor Lighting for all seasons

Alina Golovinova |

LED Lighting for Outdoor living areas

Outdoor living areas are exploding in popularity. Elaborated outdoor kitchens turn grilling into a culinary art form, often including beautiful wood pizza ovens. Expansive patio areas with pergolas and heating elements can be used well into the autumn. Beautiful landscaping provides the backdrop to outdoor parties. But when the sun goes down, you don't have to bring the party inside. LED outdoor lighting makes your outdoor spaces both inviting and functional.

Set an Inviting Mood with Landscape Lighting for Entertaining

Greet guests and family with outdoor lighting that perfectly reflects the style of your home. Think of your entrance to your house as your first impression towards someone new! It is so important! It is not only illuminating your home but also providing safety.

Use landscape lighting to create vistas that expand the view into your landscaping. This effect shows off the beauty of your outdoor areas and prevents a feeling of being boxed in by the night.

Functional Lighting Makes Hosting Easier

Grilling and firing pizzas after the sun goes down requires the right kind of lighting. The color of that light is important. Blue light makes fish and chicken look unappetizing, and the chef can't tell if the food is cooking properly.

When guests are on your property in the dark, it's important to safely illuminate walkways and stairs.

Consider Color Changing Led Lights

It's always a good idea to invest once in color changing lights and use them for all seasons. When the holidays come, just switch to other vibrant colors from your phone app to create a festive mood. Save yourself tons of time and money from the hanging work.

Landscape Lighting Consultation

If you’re ready to make your outdoor spaces more inviting and functional, drop by Wes-Tech store at 625 Alpha St, Victoria BC to see our lighting room and for a consultation.