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Lighting Spotlight!

Lighting Spotlight!

Alina Golovinova |

Landscape Lighting Project Spotlight

Landscape lighting is essential to improving the visual appeal of your garden and home, particularly in the autumn months when the days are shorter. Our friends at Lush Eco Lawns and Gardens have shared some of their recent work.

Path lighting creates direction throughout your garden or yard but can also help with safety. By illuminating pathways, you can avoid tripping or slipping in the dark. You can program your lights to turn on at sundown by putting them on a timer or smart transformer so your home will be illuminated when you come home from work or a late-night out.

Spot lighting large, beautiful statement areas of your garden creates a beautiful effect. Use spot and accent lights to highlight the autumn colours of large trees, or bring attention to unique flowers and plants. Silhouettes and shadows cast by these statement areas creates dramatic lighting effects and adds dimension.

If you look closely at the project, you can see how the installation is barely noticeable. Hiding the trenching and ensuring the fixtures themselves do not detract from the garden itself is essential to a polished and beautiful project.

Lush Eco Lawns & Gardens is based out of Victoria, Duncan, and Nanaimo.

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