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Save Water with the Pressure Regulated Shrub Adapter

Save Water with the Pressure Regulated Shrub Adapter

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Are you looking for another option besides a pop-up spray head to water your garden beds? Wes-Tech Irrigation is happy to offer a sustainable alternative, the pressure regulated shrub adapter from Rain Bird (PA8SPRS).  

What is a pressure regulated shrub adapter?

A pressure regulated shrub adapter is an irrigation product that regulates water pressure and can be used to water garden beds with a spray nozzle. It will connect to any length of ½” nipple or other pipe thread connector.

Why and when are they useful?

While pop-up sprays are often a great option for garden beds, for some of them - especially those that are home to taller flowers and shrubs - a pop-up spray isn’t always going to provide you with the water coverage you require. Due to their lower profile to the ground the spray pattern can be blocked by the taller and wider inhabitants of your garden beds.

This is where the PA8SPRS comes in handy. Not only is it a sustainable choice using up to 30% less water, it also fits onto any length of nipple allowing for a great amount of customization in the height you’re watering from. It also provides a consistent water pressure for the spray nozzle no matter where it’s located along your irrigation line. Greatly improve your watering efficiency with the PA8SPRS by avoiding misting from too high a pressure and pooling from not enough. Check out the video below to learn how it works.

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