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What is Series: Repair Couplings

What is Series: Repair Couplings

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What is a Repair Coupling?

A repair coupling is a mechanism constructed from CPVC (pipe material denser than regular PVC) that connects two sections of pvc pipe together, where there was previously a leak or breakage. Two of the preferred models available at Wes-Tech are the “Pro-Span™ Coupling” and the “PVC-Lock® Slide Repair”. We like these models of repair coupling from NDS and Hydro-Rain because they are dependable, versatile, and economical.

Check out the video below for more details:

Why should I use a Pro-Span™ Repair Coupling?

The Pro-Span™ coupling offers some ingenious innovations to make your project repair easy and long-lasting.

  • Patented Grip-Lock™: internal feature that allows you to lock the spigot to the body, so it doesn’t twist and turn when using it as a handle to glue both ends of the repair coupling to the broken pipe.
  • Dual Seal: the double seal technology is an internal safety design feature to stop leaks before they start. Often seen as unnecessary, this feature ensures no post-repair leaks.
  • Glue-Well: this feature acts as an internal trap for excess glue on the socket end of the repair coupling. It ensures that the glue stays where it should, so the coupling doesn’t glue itself together.
  • Easy-Grip: the eight ridges with easy to grip edges make it easier to twist the coupling while maneuvering during the gluing process. Provides a stable grip for wet and/or muddy hands.
  • True-Cut: cutting away the damaged pipe section to the same length of the compressed coupling + regular pipe coupling, correctly positions the piston seals. This prevents any potential joint separation caused by ground movement or temperature swings.  

Why should I use a PVC-Lock® Slide Repair?

The PVC-Lock® slide repair couplings are the quickest, and easiest way to repair a break or leak in your PVC lines, while being extremely reliable, removable & reusable.

  • “Push-and-go” Design: this patent pending design makes installation 100% tool, and chemical free. Cutting install time by at least half.
  • Glue-less: the bite fitting design eliminates glue and primer from the installation process. This protects the environment and the long-term health of your crew from exposure to harsh chemicals.
  • Retaining System: Stainless steel teeth grip the pipe tightly for a strong, leak-proof connection.
  • Universal: Compatible for all brands of Sched 40, Sched 80 and Class PVC pipe.
  • Removable & Reusable: The PVC-Lock® removal tool allows for easy on-site adjustments.
  • Pressure Rated: Can be used with confidence on high pressure and low pressure systems and rated for constant pressure (can be used before zone valves).
  • Immediate watering: turn the water on right away rather than waiting for glue to cure as in other repair methods.

Learn More

For more details on the NDS Pro-Span™ repair fitting have a look at the specification sheet on the Pro-Span product page.

For more details on the Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock® Slide Repair have a look at the guide from Hydro-Rain.*

*Guide is based off 1 1/2" & 2" fittings, however process is the same for the smaller sized repair fittings.