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What is Series: What is a Hose Bib Timer

What is Series: What is a Hose Bib Timer

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What is a Hose Bib Timer?

A hose bib timer is an irrigation timer that automates your garden and lawn watering system. It connects to your outdoor hose bib rather than being mounted onto the side of your house. Hose bib timers can support 1 to 4 separate above ground irrigation zones, depending on the selected make and model.

When would I use a Hose Bib Timer?

Running your irrigation off a hose bib timer is a great option if you’re looking to run a micro or drip irrigation system, without digging up your property to install an underground system. Hose bib systems are generally only used for micro and drip irrigation as they require less pressure to operate at optimal efficiency.

Hose bib timers are available in digital and manual set-up formats to fit your needs. Some hose bib timers are Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth enabled so you can control your irrigation system from your phone. For some timers the Wi-Fi also enables smart irrigation capabilities to optimize water usage and minimize water waste due to weather events.

What Setup do I Need?

The best setup requires a few additional parts other than just your chosen hose bib timer:

  • Y-Swivel w/ dual shut-off (BYBV): This y splitter allows you to have your hose bib system set-up all year while having an attachment for a regular garden hose.
  • Hose Protector w/ Coil (Kink-007): Provides some space between the hose timer and the Y-Swivel to allow the system to move and flex without breaking the more rigid parts.
  • B-Hyve Hose Timers: This is an option for the timer itself. Program the timer to run the water when you want and for however long you want. This type of hose time has smart watering capabilities when enabled with a Wi-Fi hub. It also has Bluetooth capabilities. Available in:
  • Pressure Reducer (PRH30): Since you’re most likely running a micro or drip system you will need a pressure reducer on your set-up. Micro and drip systems should run at 30psi for optimal efficiency.
  • Mesh Filter (PFPC64-H): Once again a required part for running a micro or drip system from your hose bib. A filter will help to prevent your drip emitters from becoming blocked with dirt particles and other debris.