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What is Series: Nozzles

Mp Rotator watering grass

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What is a Nozzle?

A nozzle is a small irrigation part that controls the water’s flow and pattern when spraying. There are two main types of irrigation nozzle: Fixed and Rotary. Both types get screwed onto a riser or pop-up spray head in order to water your garden & lawn.

Fixed Spray Nozzles water to a specific spray pattern and arc. They do not rotate or move while watering, simply pop-up and water their designated patterns.

Rotary Spray Nozzles also water to a specific spray pattern, however, they have an adjustable arc. They generally have a smaller precipitation rate than the fixed spray nozzles and will rotate or spin when watering their designated patterns.

Check out our "What is a nozzle" video for a demonstration:

What Variations are Available?

Nozzles are available in a massive range of variations. The brand you choose will determine the variations available to you, as it is best to keep all nozzles on a zone, the same brand to ensure consistent precipitation rates and droplet sizes.

All brands are available in full (360°), half (180°), and quarter (90°) variation. These are your basic patterns used in every garden.

Rain Bird Nozzles are also available in:

  • Strips:
    • End strip (EST), left strip (LCS), right strip (RCS), center strip (CST), and square strip (SST).

Toro Precision nozzles (regular and Toro threaded) are available in:

  • Additional Angles:
    • 60°, 120° (one third), 150°, 210°, 240° (two thirds), 270° (three quarters).

Hunter MP Rotators (regular and Toro threaded) are available in:

  • Adjustable & Fixed Angles:
    • 90°, 45-105°, 90-210°, 210-270°, 360°.

  • Strips & Corners
    • Left strip (LS), right strip (RS), side strip (SS), corner (C).

Why do I need them?

Every single pop-up or spray head requires a nozzle to be functional. Without a nozzle on every spray head in your irrigation system, you will have a useless system resulting in dead plants, pooling water and wasted money.  

Learn More

To learn more about nozzles please refer to descriptions on our product pages as well as the spec sheets from Rain Bird, Toro and Hunter.