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What is Series: Micro Irrigation

What is Series: Micro Irrigation

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What is Micro Irrigation?

Micro or drip irrigation is a low pressure (20-40 psi) irrigation technique which drips or micro sprays water very close to plants. It uses low pressure pipe and micro tubing to transport water to small sprinklers and drippers throughout the watering area.

What is it used for?

Micro irrigation is typically used for watering flower beds, vegetable gardens, row crops, greenhouses, and potted plants. It is designed to deliver water directly to the root system of the desired plant(s). Micro emitters focus the watering to a small area, one water drop or one small water stream at a time. Micro irrigation comes in many variations of drippers and sprays ensuring that every project has the pieces it needs to run effectively, efficiently, and sustainably. In some cases, drip irrigation can also be used subterraneously to water lawns.

Micro pot system diagramMicro dripper

Why should I use Micro?

Micro irrigation is the sustainable choice using 30% – 70% less water than traditional types of irrigation. It provides a consistent water distribution and water droplet size, which reduces the chances of over or underwatering plants. Micro irrigation systems help to improve plant health, avoiding issues such as scorched leaves or fungal diseases that can occur when foliage is sprayed with water. The  precision watering reduces weed growth, mitigates soil erosion, water runoff, standing water, and reduces the need for fertilizer and labour. In an agricultural setting, micro irrigation may also help to improve overall crop yields.

Micro provides a multitude of options for watering including:

  • drip line/pipe (1/2” or 1/4" pipe/tubing with build in emitters),
  • single emitters (punched directly into a 1/2" pipe line or at the end of a 1/4” line),
  • micro sprays (connected to a supply line by 1/4" tubing),
  • drip tape (agricultural lay flat tubing, designed for long straight runs of 500ft – 1000ft).

Micro vari-jet spray head

Micro systems provide an element of flexibility and can be easily adjusted to accommodate growing plants and seasonal changes. It is also a great option of irrigation system to run from a hose bib, as the water and pressure requirements are less than those of a traditional system.

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To learn more about micro irrigation, visit us in store or contact us. Also, check out these resources available from Antelco.

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