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What is Series: Swing Joints

What is Series: Swing Joints

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What is a Swing Joint?

A swing joint is a small piece of flexible pipe, with a threaded elbow on each end, that connects a lateral line (irrigation pipe) to a spray head, such as a pop-up or rotor. One end of the swing joint screws into a tee or elbow fitting on your lateral line, and then the spray head screws onto the other end. The swing joint runs parallel to the lateral line and pivots up and down, and side to side as desired to adjust the height of a spray head.

What are they used for?

Swing joints are used to adjust the height of a spray head in relation to the surface it’s buried in. They allow for easy adjustment upon installation and in the future if additional sod, or mulch is added to your garden. Instead of having to dig up your entire section of line and raise or lower it to keep your spray heads at the desired depth, you can just dig around the spray heads and swing joint for adjusting. They are available in various lengths, brands, and inlet sizes for your convenience.

Why do I need them?

Aside from the convenience and adjustability a swing joint provides to your irrigation system, they also provide some flexibility in the system if the sprays are stepped on or driven over. The flexibility provides some give in the connection between the spray head and the lateral line, mitigating breakages in the spray head and pipe due to stress or weight. This avoids having to conduct large and potentially costly repairs to your irrigation system if a break occurs, as it will typically just be the spray head or swing joint that breaks, and not your pipe.

Check out the video below for a great visual and explanation on swing joints:

Can I make my own?

If you require a specific length of swing joint, that is not available in the pre-assembled variations, you can always make your own, however this tends to be more costly and time consuming. You can do this by using your desired length of pipe (flexible) or pipe nipples (rigid), two insert x male pipe thread elbows, and one male x female pipe threaded Marlex elbow. The two insert elbows insert directly into the pipe, and the Marlex street elbow is screwed onto the threaded part of one insert elbow, and then into the spray head.

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